In 1908 an iron mission church was erected in Stubbington Avenue, to the north were allotments and a farm (believed to be the site of the current Vicarage). Father C.W. Coles, later at St Agatha’s, was appointed the first Priest-in-Charge. He instituted a ‘High’ Churchmanship, which has persisted ever since.

The area was being rapidly developed and the iron church became inadequate. The current building was designed by Arthur Edward Cogswell, and the building was completed in June 1914 at a cost of £7000. The church became renowned throughout the area for its fine music, including Latin plainchant for the Mass, and for its ceremonial.

Dedication of The Ascension, Portsea. c.1914

The large, painted and carved-panel reredos, which depicts the Ascension, dates from 1921 and was given as a memorial to those from the parish who lost their lives during the First World War; their names are inscribed.

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Reredos, Church of the Ascension. June 2019

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